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How to Get the Best Tutor for Your Children? – the Questions You Should Ask Them

best tutor

Do your children learn slowly at school and need extra help? Hiring a private tutor can be the perfect choice due to the benefits that you and your children can enjoy from them. Here are the questions you should ask the tutors.

best tutor

best tutor

#1. Training and Experience

The first question you should ask the tutors is about their training and experience. Make sure that they are certified and have the education needed to enable them to teach specific subjects such as The tutors should know the current curriculum and familiar with textbook used by most students. If your children are dyslexia or having another learning obstacle, you need to ensure that the tutors have the correct qualification needed to teach them.

#2. Availability

The next thing you should consider is the tutors’ availability. Before hiring the tutors, make sure that you schedule the private lessons at a time when your children are likely ready for that. The frequency of tutoring in a week will depend on the learning purpose. This also should be based on how weak your kids in certain subjects. Unlike preparing for a test that only needs a single lesson, repetition and practice concepts need more frequent learning. But, keep in mind to be flexible since most tutors’ availability often change so that they can accommodate your children in long-term.

#3. The Teaching Style of the Tutors

Generally, every tutor has their own teaching style and philosophy that unique and different from one to another. However, an experienced tutor should be able to teach in various styles to meet the students needs. Make sure that you ask the tutors whether they will use additional textbooks or materials. To ensure that the tutors are the qualified ones, you can invite them for tutorial lessons to see whether they can build a chemistry with your children.  But, note that in many cases, the relationship between the students and their tutors can be built after a few sessions of a private lesson.

best tutor

best tutor

#4. What Is Your Child’s Learning Need?

This is very important to identify your kids’ learning need and then discuss it with the tutors. You also need to tell them about the purpose of learning that your children intend to reach. Either it is to help your children struggle with their math lessons or simply prepare them for a test, you have to talk about it openly with the tutors. This is to make sure that the learning target can be achieved effectively.

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