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Which Type of Learner Are Your Children and How to Find the Best Tutor for them?

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There are some types of learners identified now along with their uniqueness. As parents, you should know each of them and identify which type of learner that your child belongs to. Get to know the learner types and how to get the best tutor for them.

best tutor

best tutor

#1. The “Schedule-Challenged” Students

If your children are kind of students with a lot of school activities, they can be categorized as “schedule-challenged” students. They are kind of busy students with less time to study at home. For this kind of learner, the existence of a private lesson and tutor is one of the best options they can take.

To help this learner type to find the perfect tutors, there are some tips to follow. Despite going to the tuition center which can consume your children’s time and energy, you can invite the tutors to come to your house.

You can also search on the internet and there are some online applications to help you find the best tutor with a flexible schedule as needed by your children. They can adjust their time schedule to accommodate your children need.

#2. The Goal-Oriented Student

Do your children have a dream to be the next Einstein and become an expert in physics or maths? If they do, then they are considered to a be a goal-oriented student. If your kids have specific goals related to their private lessons, then there is a better solution than finding the best tutors for them. You can ask for a recommendation from friends and relatives or browsing profiles on the internet.

In this way, you will be able to find out instructors that have teaching experience in the specific subjects that your children want to master. The tutors usually have specific techniques and teaching style to get out all of the potentials that your children have so that they become excellent in their academic lessons.

best tutor

best tutor

#3. The Hobbyist or Bucketlister

There are students that categorized as the hobbyist or bucket-lister. They are kind of casual learners that who just want to have fun with their private lessons. That is why they are called as bucket-lister. These kinds of students need well-equipped tutors to help them with the basic.

The hobbyist should spend time browsing on the internet to find the ones that can catch their eyes. With the suitable tutors, the students will be able to learn better. In this way, they can improve their grades in the academic field in more effective ways and reach success

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